VF-2SS Valkyrie II   -Line Art-

Excellent Refine Work by Ohata Koichi

The heroic figures of Valkyrie II were drawn by Koichi Ohata with refinement on the original VF-XS designed by Kazumi Fujita. Ohata did the excellent work but whole proportion is kept the same as VF-XS, thus VF-2SS had inherited the DNA of Fujita Valkyrie.

Ohata mainly refined the head and patches on the body. I guess patches were used as a Zentradian taste. They were changed to the colour stripes after the taste of the first Valkyrie. This small work was incredibly effective to refine the image from an organic machine to a robot hero. However, some patches have left and we can find big ones on the legs. Thus they don't really fit the line of leg stripes.

At the same time, stripes especially on the chest are an eye-catch symbol. Colour variations on the stripes make unique line-up of Valkyries like Super Sentai Heroes. In the animation story, there are four colour variations, red, blue, yellow and green. I am interested in other variations for example, silver body colour with black stripes and black stealth body with white stripes etc.



English Version Opened

English version of Valkyrie II fan site was opened on 3rd November 2010.

English Version Opened

Valkyrie II Fan Club

My strong ambition is to establish an international Valkyrie II Fan Club and to request model manufacturers incl. Bandai to produce full transformable Valkyrie II scale models (plastic kit & action figure). So all Valkyrie II fans, would you kindly help me, please?