VF-2SS Valkyrie II   -Transform Sequence-

Rational and Intelligent Sequence of Transformation

Z Gundam is one of the most representative designs of transformable robot. When it transforms to Wave Rider for atmosphere entry, a shield is attached on its nose. It is rational to strengthen the nose but separated parts like shields or guns are easily lost during battles. If the shield is lost, Z Gundam can't transform. Therefore the perfect transformation must be completed by the only main body. So, you can see the highest design quality of the Valkyrie's transformation.

If Valkyrie II is considered as a weapon for the real operations, strength of joint parts must be critical. However, only in the 2D anime world, it could realise the quite smart and intelligent way of transformation by movement of block parts only. Especially nose sliding system solved the far-fetched canopy covering mechanism of the first Valkyrie. Naturally all modes of Battroid, Gerwalk and Fighter are in good proportion. Three ways of fun are packed in one machine.





English Version Opened

English version of Valkyrie II fan site was opened on 3rd November 2010.

English Version Opened

Valkyrie II Fan Club

My strong ambition is to establish an international Valkyrie II Fan Club and to request model manufacturers incl. Bandai to produce full transformable Valkyrie II scale models (plastic kit & action figure). So all Valkyrie II fans, would you kindly help me, please?