Macross II Garage Kits   -Resin Cast Kits-

Very Low Number of Products

I introduce garage kits of Macross II, but I wish all models had been produced as full transformable plastic kits or action figures. Anyhow, B Club barely released the minimum line-up with conscience or contrition of Bandai. If B Club had released 1/100 Fighters of VF-2SS and Metal Siren, major machines of Macross II should have fully lined-up. Besides the above kits, Musashiya released 1/72 VF-2SS Valkyrie II Fighter.



English Version Opened

English version of Valkyrie II fan site was opened on 3rd November 2010.

English Version Opened

Valkyrie II Fan Club

My strong ambition is to establish an international Valkyrie II Fan Club and to request model manufacturers incl. Bandai to produce full transformable Valkyrie II scale models (plastic kit & action figure). So all Valkyrie II fans, would you kindly help me, please?